Spring Lakes

Integrated marketing communication strategy

Spring Lakes Resort

"Since we have engaged with Elevate, we have seen a number of positive changes in our operations. The creativity has gone to a new level, our digital marketing is improving across all channels, we are picking up leads where we previously weren’t, those leads are highly qualified, and we are converting those leads at a far higher ratio."

Grant Botica - Sales and Marketing Manager
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The Results


people reached through media channels


increase in leads MoM


increase in website traffic week on week


Spring Lakes wanted to scale up in a competitive market. Among their goals is to increase the quality of their leads.


Elevate was engaged to develop and deliver an integrated PR and marketing campaign.


Elevate created an increase in the quality and quantity of qualified leads. As part of the program Elevate facilitated a launch event at the Bundaberg over 50’s community, leveraging local media and VIPs (MPS, Mayor) to increase brand awareness with local stakeholders.