As PR specialists, our expertise lies in the strategic ways to create communication cut through, and usually this is in the form of copywriting, media liaison and stakeholder engagement. Many PR agencies overlook the power of advertising, leaving that to media buying agencies or marketers, however, Elevate values the role of advertising in the overarching suite of marketing tactics.

Advertising, when placed in the right media channels, in the right format and with the right message, creative and call to action, can raise brand awareness and move customers through their decision-making journey much quicker than if they hadn’t been exposed to the advertisement.

Ads and advertorials create a sense of urgency and reinforce brand and can be placed virtually anywhere including:

  • Trade or industry publications (great for B2B)
  • Local newspapers and magazines
  • Online media outlets
  • Industry websites and directories
  • Newsletters
  • Event programs and more  



Firstly, we help you maximise your investment! On many media outlets’ preferred agency list, we can secure special rates not available to the public. We can also help negotiate budget and inclusions thanks to our buying power as a creative agency working with many brands.

We can also help shape advertorial opportunities, ensuring that audiences don’t just see a pretty picture, but they get to deep dive into your business with informative and persuasive copywriting that looks like a journalist wrote it. Advertorials are very powerful, and we always recommend trying to negotiate this in your ad booking.

Finally, while many outlets offer their own in-house graphic designer at no charge, they don’t always have the insight or foresight into your brand to truly understand and deliver a strategic message – our team of designers and copywriters work hand in hand to amplify your ad space.

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