3 other ways to effectively use piece-to-camera video content in lockdown

I remember being around six years old reading an encyclopedia about what the future might look like. I was always entranced by a particular page on video calls and the possibility of being able to talk to AND see my friends at the same time. The idea seemed unachievable.

This is today. We are in the future. Right now.

After several weeks spent Zoom-ing across the country and beyond, we should all be feeling pretty comfortable in front of a camera by now. It’s time to exploit this new-found knack of video proficiency! Our industry has been touting the value of video content for years. But as an effective form of communication? Not so much.

I’m here to tell you to keep the webcam rolling because here are three other ways to effectively use piece-to-camera content in lockdown.

Pitching to dream journos

In the world of PR, there’s a fine line between your story getting published and not getting published. This generally comes down to your media contacts and whether or not they have the time and desire to take your call and read your email pitch. Confronted with a lengthy email and several documents attached, no one can blame a journalist for their reluctance to read said email. However, what kind of person can resist hitting play on someone else’s face for a minute or two.

It’s as simple as clicking record on yourself and outlining the three selling points from your story. It may even be less than a minute! Simply introduce yourself, give the run down on what it is you want to chat about, and share via Dropbox (or if the file is small enough, you may even be able to send it via email, text or Viber / WhatsApp). If you’d like to share your messages of gratitude for me following your amazing results, my email is jeremy@elevatecom.com.au.

Delivering and other complex documents

Regardless of the subject matter, drafting reports is a tedious job. What can be even more tedious is when the key insights pulled from the report you’ve slaved over fall on deaf ears. With today’s reduced face time with our collaborators, it can be difficult to ensure that your key messages are being heard properly.

As with the video pitching above, the advantage video communication provides here is a deeper level of engagement. Where the reader’s eyes may glaze over skimming an email summary of your report, they’ll be fixed on your face and what you say through a pre-recorded run down of the highlight reel. The ability to add colour to what you’re saying through both voice and vision will make a world of difference in the effectiveness of communication.

Your pre-recorded messages don’t have to stop at reports though, consider the possibilities: making a case for a new idea, explaining a project plan. Any complex document or idea will only be made clearer, with the sentiment intended, through video communication.

Engaging your audience through video

It’s no secret that video takes the gold medal when it comes to content. If video isn’t already part of your content schedule, you may need to reconsider your methods.

The good news is that there is no better time to begin publishing your own videos on your own social channels than right now. With the entire nation’s population in some form of isolation, there’s a certain amount of leeway when it comes to audiences’ expectations on quality of content. Homemade content has now become acceptable – it’s simply the only way to create right now.

The next time you’re drafting a social post, ask yourself if it can somehow be communicated through video format. Chances are it can be. Then it’s just a matter of getting in front of the camera once more and speaking your piece!

At Elevate, we have a skilled digital team adept in video production and social media management. If you’re after a helping hand when it comes to producing video content, or building an engaged following, reach out to us today at info@elevatecom.com.au.

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