How can media training help you and your team?

How can media training help you and your team

This blog was written by Darly Ngwe, Communication Executive at Elevate Communication.

The first thing we have to do is to stop thinking of media training as something that is only beneficial to people who are interviewed by media – although they are  a major beneficiary of the skills. The skills learned in media training are helpful in every area of business where you have an opportunity to express your organisations virtues or defend its brand. Put simply, it can help you speak more succinctly and handle questions better – any question, from any person, at any time.

Every company needs employees who can consistently advocate their brand with confidence, clarity and competence. If you’re wondering if media training is what you and your team need, consider just some of the benefits of media training – and these are all before you even meet a journalist.


  1. Media training shows you how to clarify your brand’s key messages. We often know our brand’s mission and values like the back of our hand but communicating them effectively can be challenging. Media training can help you craft a key message that is true to your brand and resonates with your audience. With a 30-second key message in your back pocket, you can be prepared to share your brand in any situation whether you’re at a networking event or introducing yourself to a prospective client.  
  2. Media training prepares you for any challenge. Media training ensures your managers and team are prepared for difficult conversations and questions from anybody – fellow employees, customers, suppliers and of course a journalist. When difficult situations strike, we want to be confident that we can navigate challenging waters and effectively connect with our stakeholders. Media training is a preparatory measure that provides priceless value when issues strike and the need for the correct communication is urgent. 
  3. Media training boosts confidence. Media training teaches skills and well-tried formulas to prepare and manage difficult conversations. Without preparation, we are more likely to feel nervous and inadequate even though we already have the answers committed to memory. Media training will help solidify confidence and ensure you feel ready to approach whatever questions come your way.
  4. Media training brings the team together on the same page. When everyone is working within their expertise, it can be hard to coordinate your overall key messages and understand everyone’s role in representing the company brand. Media training can harmonise your team’s messaging so that everyone is aligned.


Training that has been built as preparation to manage media interviews, has expanded to have a hundred daytoday benefits in business. These are benefits that can be taught in a group messaging session, a speaker delivery practice workshop and, of course, an intense media roleplay session. 

No matter what sector of business you are in, media training is a worthwhile investment to add to the training calendar for all staff! 

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