How does a digital campaign complement a media campaign?

One of our key offerings here at Elevate Communication is media relations, where we use traditional media such as print, TV, online and radio to share our client’s stories. However, most of the time it’s also a good idea to pair a traditional media campaign with a digital campaign to help reach more targeted audiences and further communicate the brands’ news.

Here’s a few reasons why we do this.

Tailoring campaign mediums for demographics

Having goals for deliverables is crucial to gauging the success of campaigns. One of the first things most communications professionals will consider when getting a new client or starting a new campaign for an existing client is the target public or demographic of the product or service offering. This is important for tailoring content and mediums for campaigns. If a client’s service offering appeals to a younger audience, it is more likely that a heavily digital focused campaign will be pursued due to this demographics’ affinity for social media and online behaviours.

Whereas, if there is a client with an offering that may appeal to an older demographic, it will be more likely that a heavily traditional campaign will be pursued with a strong focus on print coverage. This is due to an older demographics’ media consumption habits being heavily grounded in traditional media. The use of both methods is crucial to creating a strong campaign that casts a wide net and gains as much attention as possible.

Digital media allows for more targeted communication

The use of a digital campaign strengthens a traditional media campaign due to its exposure to more targeted markets. Pursuing traditional media can often result in a wider reach, however, it is often not as refined in terms of targeting certain demographics. One of the elements where a digital campaign prevails is through the ability to sculpt who sees your content.

When using Facebook or Instagram ads, you can also gain far more impressions and depending on the content, more conversions. Facebook and especially Instagram ads allow the embedding of products into posts with links directly from the post to buy the product from the brand’s website.

Making the most of your content

A great way that a digital campaign can support your traditional media campaign is through stretching content that has been created for traditional media and using it online. Using the content that has already been developed and adapting it for online distribution and social media is a crucial part of any campaign. If there’s perhaps a television ad playing on multiple channels, that ad could be distributed through owned online and social channels as well as paid channels such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube ads. Making the most of the content produced is the best way of keeping costs down and getting the best value possible for the client. Sharing your client’s news on their owned channels is a great way of controlling your key messages throughout the process of a campaign. Despite sending a media release to a journalist, they may tweak the messaging when writing the article or not mention the client.

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