How to master your brand tone of voice

Growing up, we often hear the phrase ‘it’s not what you say, but how you say it that really matters’. Fast forward to the digital era of public relations and this phrase has never been more relevant in the age of digital technology.

Brand identity is made up of voice, tone and style – often these are used interchangeably to achieve different communication goals for your brand. In these situations, the tone of your voice governs how you express yourself in writing, with the content and style of written communication the means of what you say. Visual content is equally as important for showcasing your brand identity – if your visual content doesn’t match your brand conversation, this can often lead to inconsistencies in your delivered communication.

Knowing the difference between voice, tone and style is important for a consistent brand identity – here are a few tips on navigating the expression of written communication:



The easiest way to find the voice of your brand is to picture what they would be like as a person. If you work in a law firm, your voice will personify someone who is concise, knowledgeable and proactive. A creative in a graphic design studio will have a voice who is bold, inspiring and inventive. The voice of your brand speaks to your personality and is an opportunity to showcase a little insight to your broader audience about who your brand is.



 Perhaps the most important component of written communication, it is essential to adopt the appropriate tone for your target audience. The tone of your written piece dictates how your key message will be delivered to your audience. If your key objective is to position your brand as an industry thought-leader in accounting services, you would adopt a formal and professional tone in your written communication when discussing the accounting services offered. Think about the purpose of your written piece and how you want your audience to feel when reading through your communication.



From a magazine to newspaper, social media copy to blog post – there are many different styles to channel your written communication to target audiences. Do not under estimate the power of grammar, sentence structure, punctuation or even formatting as all these contribute to how you convey yourself as a professional. Style can vary according to channel and content can be delivered in an informal, formal or technical manner. The key to understanding style is to be aware of different trends and maintain consistency in your style.


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