The 12 silver linings of 2020

2020 gifted us in ways we would never have expected. 

We will likely see the experiences and learnings from last year translate into new and exciting opportunities in communication and marketing. Here are 12 silver linings from 2020 that will play a role in the communication industry this year, and how you can take advantage of it: 


Let’s get digital, digital  

In a world where we lost physical human contact, digital communication brought us together. As businesses turned to digital platforms to remain connected with their core audiences, it also brought about an ongoing strategy for them.  

This year, we’ll start to see a greater shift to conversation and creativity to capture and engage with current and potential audiences online. We can expect to see more businesses reach out to customers through online messaging platforms / apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram, with targeted messages and content. Those that effectively leverage online platforms will reap the rewards.   


Say hello to SEO

With digital comes SEO, and 2020 brought to the forefront, the importance of a functional, user-friendly and optimised website.  

In 2021, we will see a big investment in strategies and tactics to drive quality traffic to websites as the online landscape becomes increasingly competitive. With a greater number of consumers opting to shop online, noting the ease and flexibility to do so, e-commerce presents another avenue in supporting a business’s bottom line.  


Livestream becomes mainstream  

Zoom lecturesTeams meetings, Twitch concerts and Facebook Live are just some of the virtual capabilities that made their mark in 2020. Online video conferencing became a necessity for many businesses but has helped prove just how productive, capable and agile the world can be.  

Without the need to commute from home to work, or work to client meetings, we’ve been fortunate to capture a few hours back each day – hours we’ve used for a few more Zzzz’s, to do life admin or have more quality time with family. It’s unlikely that online video conferencing will disappear any time soon so consider how you can use these platforms to upsell your services and goods – perhaps showcase your expertise through webinars or incorporate more Instagram and Facebook Lives into your social content calendars / digital marketing      


Loving local  

The love of local shone bright this year, with 52 per cent of Australians now having a higher preference for Aussie-made products.  

 With the nation banding together to help keep our economy thrivingAussie businesses have something they should proudly shout about this year. Can Aussie-made and owned be a key message of yours in 2021?  


Integration nation  

2020 proved the power of integration. While digital came to the forefront, traditional media stood its ground regaining power as people sought for timely and accurate information.   

In 2021, we will likely see a greater integration of the two with individuals and businesses looking for ways to maximise exposure and reach. 2021 presents incredible opportunities to have both forms work in your favour, with digital supporting traditional media relations by amplifying messaging through your own channels.   


Voice your values  

2020 became the year where, as a society, we stood up to support one another and called out those who weren’t willing to make a stand.  

In 2021, this mindset will influence how consumers perceive brands and why communicating values and ethics will be a clear area of growth for businesses. Organisations who do this well may find themselves with stronger social capital amongst internal and external customers – critical for building trust and relationships.   


Captivating creativity   

Adaptability and agility were the AAs that sparked the creativity of businesses globally. From restaurants using pool noodle hats to enforce social distancing to distilleries producing much-need hand sanitiser, businesses around the world pivoted with new processes, services and products that captivated the attention of people everywhere – proving out of the box thinking is not as out of reach as we may think.  

This year don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo and be brave! Has your business been thinking about investing in marketing or taking it to the next levelReach out to Elevate Communication today and see how we can help spark your brand’s creativity.   


Prioritising personalisation  

With businesses vying for as many eyeballs and transactions as possible, the importance of hyper-personalisation was realised80% of customers are more likely to purchase from brands that offer personalised experiences. By capitalising on personalisation, brands can create more meaningful experiences for their audiences. 

 Set yourself a goal for this year – prioritise your customer’s choice – find out what that may be through surveys or simply talking to them. You’ll likely achieve greater engagement and hold more captivating conversation. 


Community spirit shone  

Communities grew closer and individuals became more generous. Despite isolation and an economic recession, people and brands banded together. It’s not every day you see major competitors like Burger King urge customers to buy from McDonalds, KFC, Domino’s Pizza and the likes.  

 What can your brand do to show its community spirit? Partnerships are a great way to show your commitment and lend a helping one – but it must be relevant! Opportunities to further promote these partnerships across owned and earned channels  


Forced reflection  

The franticness of modern life was essentially put on pause causing many of us to stopreflect and realise what truly matters.  

For some businesses, 2021 may be the year for a strategic refresh, leveraging learnings from 2020 to make their brand stand out. Take a moment to reflect on what you want your business to achieve this year and what priorities will get you there.  


Internal is integral  

During the peak of COVID-19, transparency, immediacy and accuracy became key considerations, nay requirements, from internal and external stakeholders. As a result, companies that prioritised employee engagement through a united voice across leadership, created security and confidence amongst their key assets.  

 Mark my words, this will continue to reign supreme this year. Review your internal communication process with a critical eye and consider what opportunities there could be to strengthen your relationship with key stakeholders. Don’t have one? It might be something to consider in 2021.  


The pandemic legacy  

In what will be known as the pandemic legacy, we’ll unlikely return to what we know as the ‘norm’.  

In fact, what we’ve learned from the storm that was 2020 is that we are far from the status quo, we have the capability to go beyond our means and as creatives, communicators, and marketers the pandemic gave us a chance to truly shine. We’ll see our industry carry that baton well into 2021. If you would like to elevate your communication and marketing to the next level this year, reach out to us today via 




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