Three reasons why podcasts should be part of your marketing strategy

We’ve all heard of podcasts, especially those who have crazy conversations and guest appearances such as Joe Rogan or True Crime. Whether you listen to them on your phone or in the office, we have all had exposure to this new channel for communication – but is it just a fad or the future?

Despite podcasts still being relatively new to the media landscape, the medium has seen an impressive 70% increase over the last four years with 1.6 million Australians downloading audio and video podcasts in an average four weeks. Listening rates are only predicted to increase and now is every brand’s opportunity to leverage this up and coming communication channel. Here are three reasons why podcasts should be part of your marketing strategy in 2020.


The rate in which individuals consume information is rapidly increasing, with access to content on almost every smart device we own. In 2018, 40% of audiences listened to podcast on their smartphone. With 16.69 million people using a smart phone daily, the possibilities and reach are endless.

As marketers, finding the balance of incorporating key messaging, design creativity and a CTA in content can be tricky but with podcasts, the old saying ‘less is more’ applies.

Podcasts are excellent for passive listening, giving consumers the ability to listen and absorb information whilst doing other activities such as going to the gym, driving a car or even grocery shopping. This level of accessibility and flexibility gives consumers the power to absorb content when they chose, where they chose, making the experience customer focused and driven.

A key to effective communication is understanding your audience and also understanding how they absorb information. Not everyone reads to learn, so if you have identified your target audience as those who are open to new technologies (aka podcasts) and are time poor, this form of content is an excellent way to get your brand in front of them.


In the era of fake news, authenticity is essential to building rapport and loyalty with your core demographics. Podcasts are intimate and personal, allowing the customer to relate to the hosts and develop a trusted relationship. Listeners become dependent on the hosts, who in time earn their trust as information curators. If you want to position yourself or your brand as a trusted advisor and a leader in your industry, this is a great way to achieve this.

Once you have established a relationship with your customers, it makes it easier to talk about your business and services without coming across as salesy. 65 percent of fans have stated they are more willing to buy services and products that they hear about on their regularly listened podcast. As humans we constantly seek validation from others on products and experiences and this notion translates directly to a podcast’s goals and objectives.


The key to a successful marketing program is visibility and this is achieved through multiple touch points with your customers. Podcasts are an agile tool that allow you to reach a different audience segment, whilst creating shareable content for your other marketing channels.

Your podcast can also assist your brand with search engine optimisation (SEO) and domain authority by allowing you to share and develop backlinks to other content online. Another perk of podcasts is that you can advertise during the segment, giving your brand an opportunity to partner with relevant brands or products who have a similar target market, tapping into their audiences as well.

So, is it a fad or the future? We think it’s the future so watch out for our very own Elevate podcast coming soon!

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