Three ways that good PR habits improve your SEO

In the comms industry, blending PR and digital marketing skills can help take your company from zero to hero when it comes to SEO. However, two marketing practices that do not bleed into each other are Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Public Relations (PR). We can even go as far as to say the two need to be tightly intertwined to achieve cut through in today’s saturated landscape.

A study into online customer behaviour found that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. Customers are very likely to turn to search engines such as Google for product or brand research. So, if you want to gain maximum exposure for your brand, you need to leverage good PR habits to elevate your online reputation.

Here’s three ways you can do so.

1. High quality content

In order to be ranked better on Google, you need to create and publish impeccable content that ranks high in search results naturally. The readability of your blog posts, social media posts, eBooks or any other content stored on your website, is vital for SEO. In this case, you might have to adapt your media release for effective reading on your website. Lastly, and probably most importantly, your content needs to be free of grammatical errors and be able to convey your ideas effectively, as Google will pick this up as ‘good’ for readability. You might find that it is time for a website overhaul.

2. Keywords, keywords, keywords

Keywords are a fundamental component of SEO and therefore, a fundamental component of generating organic traffic to your website. Have you browsed the web to uncover the topics and phrases your target audience most commonly searches for? A great tool for this is SEMrush. That being said, you can’t just throw any random keyword into your content and expect it to rank highly on Google. You need to be strategic in tying several content topics together. Consider the topics that are commonly associated with your target word.

3. Building website links

A key element in an SEO strategy is building links that point to your website. If your business has a variety of reputable organisations linking to it, Google will rank your website high. Make an active effort to ensure all your coverage pieces or prospects are linking to your company site, you can even link to theirs too, a ‘link for a link’.

At the end of the day, an effective SEO strategy is easier to implement if your company has successful PR practices in place. This means well-written content crafted with your stakeholders in mind, an effective use of keywords and a variety of website links. Looking to take your PR and digital efforts to the next level? Get in touch today.

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