Why every business should invest in organic content

An organic content strategy should be an essential part of every business’ marketing program, and depending on the skill of your team, it could be the easiest and the least expensive tactic to reach your target audience.  

When we talk ‘organic content’ we mean content that is original and owned by your business, and you’re not paying to push that content out to people (paid on the other hand might include boosting or advertising content on social media or through Google AdWords).  

Organic content can include blogs in a dedicated section of your website, vlogs uploaded onto YouTube, eNewsletters, and content on social media.  

So, why should businesses invest in organic content? It’s an important part of getting your brand top of mind with your target audience, where you can control the message.   

Find your brand’s voice and what it wants to say   

Organic content allows you to find your brand’s voice, including tone and language. When you discover your brand’s tone, it should then be reflected across all content. To get your brand’s voice right, ask yourself; what would your brand be like if it was a person? How would they speak or write? What would they say? Now take those ideas and ensure this is consistently communicated  across all parts of your content marketing strategy.    

Thought leadership and credibility  

Content creation, such as blogs hosted on your brand’s website, or via LinkedIn, provides your brand, and your leaders, a chance to show their credibility to an engaged audience, while helping to continue to grow this audience. Organic content provides your brand an opportunity to lend their expertise, which may include tips, industry insights, inspirational anecdotes, or a chance to tap into key events or milestones.  

Keyword ranking  

Organic content is an excellent way to improve your brand’s digital presence, including by making your website more ‘searchable’ through search engine optimisation. Keywords should be embedded into blogs, in particular, to help your Google ranking. One client we’ve had great success with by using strategic keywords is MACFORCE Australia, as part of our goal to engage potential candidates interested in jobs in the resources industry. Through research, we discovered ‘mining jobsremains a popular keyword that many people are searching, particularly due to the ongoing mining boom. So, we added this into a title for a blog; “How to cash in on mining jobs in Australia”. Now, if you search “mining jobs cash” it appears at the top of a Google search.  

It is measurable and adaptable  

The success of organic content is usually measurable. Whether it’s using Google Analytics, or a website’s inbuilt analytics, social media platform measuring tools, or Mailchimp for eNewsletters, you can monitor the performance of your content. It could be as simple as checking the viewers, or going deeper into how the users engaged with your content, such as clicking through to the website or page you wanted them to through a call to action. If your business is based on eCommerce, you can also measure the sales that resulted from your organic content. You can use these stats to continually evolve your content for optimal engagement 

Need help with your content strategy? Our team of communication experts are well-versed on creating content that gets great results. Get in touch with Elevate to discuss your communication strategy and how organic content can play a vital part.   

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