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Writing for Robots was written by Thomas Lyttle, Digital Marketing Manager at Elevate Communication.  

While Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Public Relations are an uncommon duo, their link is stronger than ever. Most media outlets and publications now have a digital presence, many using subscription models, and are driven by content clicks.  

Savvy communications professionals centre their materials around the right keywords to deliver the best outcomes


Tips for using the right keywords and tags in your marketing and communication materials

Keywords are a critical part of any written marketing. They optimise your content so more people can view it. This extends your reach beyond the current users of a publications’ website. Optimising your content drives: 

More traffic for the publication (often one of their core KPIs) 

More name recognition for the journalist or publisher 

More brand recognition, and awareness for your company or client 

Better results for you! 

We all win. 

The keywords in your press release should be relevant to the topic, but also relevant to what you want people to click on, read, or share. 

One of the core ways to utilise keywords is by including them in your headlines. When writing a headline, think about the phrasing that will get someone to click on it or share it with their friends – that’s what you want in the headline! 


Top 3 keyword research tools for marketing and communication

Keyword research tools are essential for any content marketing. They help marketers find the right keywords for their content, making sure that they are reaching the right audience. 

Our team use some of the best keyword research tools available in the market today and can share our personal experiences with you. 

Here are some of the most popular keyword research tools: 

1. SEMrush: 

This is a powerful tool that can be used by both beginners and experts alike. It has a free version which is good enough for most people’s needs, but there’s also a paid version with expanded features. If you’re going for a solution that has everything from keyword research, competitor analysis and brand monitoring, consider SEMrush. As an industry leading solution, it’s our tool of choice at Elevate. 

2. Google Ads Keyword Planner: 

The Google Ads Keyword Planner is an excellent free tool for finding keywords. You can find keywords based on existing content on your site, and map these against how much your competitors are spending for cost pert click (CPC) for the same words. Did somebody say AEC? 

3. Ubersuggest: 

Ubersuggest, by Niel Patel is a great tool. Like SEMrush, you can create a project, and monitor your SEO efforts over time. This is fantastic for seeing how your media placements begin to affect the Domain Authority of your clients. The free tool limits you to three searches per day, but the paid tool is more affordable than SEMrush, so it’s ideal for smaller companies.  


SEO tips specifically for media releases 

A media release is an important tool that every company should have in their PR and marketing arsenal. It is important to include all relevant information in a media release to maximise its SEO potential, such as: 

  1. A compelling headline 
  2. Product/service name 
  3. Product/service description 
  4. Pricing and availability 
  5. Company background and contact info 
  6. Images of the product or service 


What does it all mean?

When you’re writing your communications materials, such as media releases, social content or blogs, be sure to include keyword research as part of your process. It’s vital to think about not only the story you want to tell, but the story that will resonate with a journalist, and that readers will be searching for. Doing your keyword research beforehand will help drive the best results for all stakeholders. It’s one of the ways we’ve been able to ensure consistent top tier coverage for our clients. 

If you’re looking for a strategic marketing and communication partner in Australia, reach out to us. 

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