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The Elevate team is a group of savvy, well-connected, award-winning communication and PR operatives with a proven track record for providing clients with top-tier results. Incorporating highly qualified corporate communication and marketing specialists, digital media gurus, event managers and former journalists, we partner with our clients to achieve a common vision – the development and execution of exceptional communication programs and events that achieve tangible results.

We are foodies, we are fashionistas, we are digital junkies, we are gym nuts, we are mums and dads, we are singers, we are travellers, we are gamers, we are night owls, we are early risers and, most importantly, we are your core demographic.

We don’t believe in ‘spin’ and we’re definitely not about fluff. We believe in storytelling. And if you have a story, we’ll tell the right people, through the right methods.



Mark Henderson

PR Director

A multi-award winning senior PR practitioner and journalist, Mark is a passionate storyteller and professional communicator. With more than a decade of experience working in media and communication, Mark is driven by a desire to tell real stories and to deliver top quality, first-in-class, creative and effective public relations campaigns that result in media success for his clients.



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