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5 steps to power your creative brainstorming

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Blue sky thinkers, we all know one.

Despite what you may think, you too, can be a creative mastermind just with a few simple steps.

Creativity is a skill we all possess however, many of us may think it’s a gift, a special talent, or something reserved for “artists”. The human mind is built to create — but if you are feeling a little lost, this webinar is perfect for you and your team to unlock everyone’s creative potential!

This session will be lead by Elevate Communication’s General Manager, Mai Aristoteli, who has over 15 years’ experience working with global brands such as Adidas, American Express, Dolce&Gabbana, and P&G, developing and taking their creative concepts to market.

Hosted by our Digital Strategist, Bosco Anthony, you and your team will explore the creative concept framework in a 30-minute fireside chat to help you bring your creative brainstorming skills to life!

Attendees of this webinar will walk away with the following vital information:

  • Why is the creative concept so important today?
  • 5 steps to help power creative brainstorming
  • The process to build a creative framework
  • Some amazing case studies on brands that shaped their storytelling effectively using our framework

Webinar details:

  • Thursday, 17 February
  • 11AM AEST

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