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Brand storytelling Framework

While there has been a significant change to how brands have had to adapt their communications during an unprecedented time in history, the art of storytelling has lasted the test of time.

Every brand must ask themselves:

  • What is the origin story behind my brand?
  • Do we know how to relate to our customers core needs?
  • What are the core elements of storytelling that every brand needs?

The process of executing a successful storytelling framework is crucial for any brand today. It isn’t just a process but rather an art. The key to a successful storytelling narrative is understanding the core elements of how to communicate it.

At Elevate, we understand that identifying opportunities to engage with your audience through an effective storytelling narrative is a driver for market adoption.

Attendees of this webinar will walk away with the following vital information:

  • Why is brand storytelling relevant today?
  • The key triggers to capture the attention of the customers.
  • The necessary elements to make your storytelling effective.
  • How to build an effective brand storytelling framework?
  • Some amazing case studies on brands that shaped their storytelling effectively.

Webinar details:

Wednesday 28 July at 10am AEST

Join Elevate Communication’s General Manager, Mai Aristoteli and Digital Strategist, Bosco Anthony uncover the recent storytelling framework trends, tips and recommendations on how map an effective brand story.

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