5 steps to power your creative brainstorming

Ideas for improving brainstorming

Creative brainstorming is a powerful tool! But when it comes to creativity, many of us may think it’s something for “artists”. In reality, creativity is a skill we all possess.

How to pitch to media

A journalist sets up for a media pitch.

Find out the key to get Media to bite on your pitch. Ex Journalist Chris Garry on simple tips for successful media pitching.

How communication changed in 2020

The communications sector was not exempt from COVID-19 and transformative change. Business owners and leaders acknowledged the need to consider the breadth of their internal and external stakeholders and coordinate tailored messages to each of them.

The 12 silver linings of 2020

2020 gifted us in ways we would never have expected. Here are 12 silver linings from 2020 that will play a role in the communication industry this year, and how you can take advantage of it.