How can media training help you and your team?

How can media training help you and your team

The first thing we have to do is to stop thinking of media training as something that is only beneficial to people who are interviewed by media – although they are  a major beneficiary of the skills. The skills learned in media training are helpful in every area of business where you have an opportunity to express your organisation’s virtues or defend its brand. Put simply, it can help you speak more succinctly and handle questions better – any question, from any person, at any time.

3 key trends impacting comms professionals in 2024

The change within our industry in just the last 12 months alone has been insurmountable—from the rise of Artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual augmented reality platforms to the digitally evolving media landscape—there’s no doubt we are constantly being nimble in the way we approach our communication strategies for clients. 

Why building your personal brand on LinkedIn is a win-win?

Person holding a phone with LinkedIn displaying

We live in an age where professional networking transcends geographical boundaries. Personal branding has evolved, and is conducted online more than in person and remains a cornerstone of career development and professional growth.

Digital marketing live Q&A summary

The digital marketing team at Elevate Communication - Shannan Peters, Gareth Duddington, and Jessica Quinn.

Elevate’s Digital Marketing team came together in full force for a live Q&A webinar recently. Taking the stand was Shannan Peters, Gareth Duddington, and Jess Quinn.