Why building your personal brand on LinkedIn is a win-win?

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This blog was written by Gareth Duddington, Digital Marketing Manager at Elevate Communication.

We live in an age where professional networking transcends geographical boundaries. Personal branding is conducted online more than in person and while it remains a cornerstone of career development and professional growth, the way it’s done has evolved. We now need to look at our digital personal brand and give it as much gravitas as our in-person brand.

LinkedIn, a platform at the forefront of professional networking, offers an unparalleled opportunity for individuals to build and develop their digital personal brand to complement and enhance their in-person brand. But why is personal branding on LinkedIn a win-win? The answer lies in the dual benefits it provides to both individuals and their organisations.

The value of personal branding on LinkedIn

For the individual: Personal branding on LinkedIn opens doors to new career opportunities, establishes one as an industry thought leader, and expands one’s professional network. It’s a platform where showcasing your expertise, achievements, and insights can directly influence your career trajectory and industry standing. 

For the organisation: When employees focus on building their personal brands, the organisation stands to gain as well. A workforce comprised of individuals recognised as experts in their fields enhances the company’s visibility, attracts top talent, and builds credibility and trust with clients and partners. Essentially, employees become brand ambassadors, projecting the values and expertise of their organisation to a broader audience.

How to build your personal brand on LinkedIn

Consistency is key

Regular updates, articles, and insights related to your field keep your network engaged and informed, establishing you as a valuable resource in your industry.


Building a personal brand is not just about showcasing your achievements; it’s about engaging with others. Commenting on, sharing, and reacting to others’ posts fosters a sense of community and collaboration.

Quality content

The foundation of a strong personal brand is the value you provide to your audience. Sharing high-quality, insightful content that reflects your expertise, opinions, and experiences invites engagement and strengthens your reputation.


LinkedIn is a professional network, and maintaining professionalism in your interactions, content, and overall presence is crucial.


Actively seeking connections with peers, mentors, and industry leaders expands your influence and opens up new opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Community articles

You can share your knowledge with a wider audience by leveraging the power of LinkedIn Pulse. This community forum allows you to contribute to a wide range of topics related to your field of expertise.

The road to becoming a LinkedIn Top Voice

Achieving recognition as a LinkedIn Top Voice is a testament to the strength and impact of your personal brand on the platform, and it can significantly increase your visibility and credibility. This accolade is awarded to those whose contributions spark meaningful conversations, drive engagement, and offer valuable insights to their professional community. While the path to becoming a Top Voice can be challenging especially if your particular field or industry is highly competitive and active on LinkedIn, it is certainly worth the investment.


Building your personal brand on LinkedIn is more than a professional strategy; it’s a win-win for both you and your organisation. It empowers you to shape your professional narrative, establishes you as an industry authority, and enhances the visibility and credibility of your company. So, whether you’re just starting on LinkedIn or looking to elevate your presence, remember that every post, comment, and connection is a step towards building a stronger personal brand.

The Elevate team can help you develop your LinkedIn strategy. If you or your organisation are interested in learning how to leverage LinkedIn, schedule a chat with Elevate’s Head of Marketing, James Flaherty.

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