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One of Australia’s leading construction companies, ADCO Construction has built the nation’s major infrastructure including rail, education, retail, defence, and industrial buildings. In 2023, ADCO Construction was seeking an interim communication and stakeholder engagement manager. Impressed by Elevate’s specialised services and efficient turn-around, ADCO Construction immediately signed on with Elevate for a short-term engagement. For a period of 6 weeksElevate was dedicated to exceeding ADCO Construction’s expectations and providing exceptional in-house support for all their communication and stakeholder engagement needs.  

The brief

In March 2023, ADCO required immediate community and stakeholder engagement support for their latest project — Pimpama Station, part of the Cross River Rail New Gold Coast Rail Project. To ensure residents nearby the construction site were informed and supported throughout the project, ADCO Construction required on-site stakeholder engagement support to manage enquiries and concerns from local community members and organisations affected by the development of the project. As the construction phase of the Pimpama Station had only recently commenced, Elevate needed to manage, inform, and support residents of the local community, facilitate a positive relationship with ADCO’s client, the Cross River Delivery Rail, and resolve emerging community issues, as appropriate.

Our strategy

During Elevate’s engagement with ADCO Construction, Elevate provided a range of communication and stakeholder engagement support including: 

Community liaison

Regularly liaising with community members and addressing queries and concerns.

Stakeholder reporting

Providing reports and updates to key stakeholders including Queensland Rail and Cross River Rail Delivery Authority (CRRDA).

Communication & Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Reviewing, revising & delivering key documents as per communication & stakeholder engagement requirements for rail projects including the Communication & Stakeholder Engagement Plan & all appended materials.

Communications campaigns

Developing key materials for communication campaigns.

Issues mitigation

Identifying, investigating and resolving current and potential communication and stakeholder engagement issues.

Public information centre

Establishing a public information centre at ADCO’s site office.

Handover management

Developing briefing and handover material for the new manager.


Establishing a public information centre at ADCO’s site office.

The outcome

All reporting and stakeholder engagement requirements were fulfilled as per ADCO Construction’s and CRRDA’s expectations. Over 150 residents were engaged regularly through doorknocks, letter drops and consultations and over a dozen enquiries and complaints were mitigated successfully.

Through these communication efforts, ADCO Construction’s presence in the community and sentiments towards the project was positive and established trust and connection with residents. After the commencement of the new permanent Communication Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Elevate was able to provide all relevant documents and material as well as provide ongoing support to graduate the transition. Elevate facilitated relationships in the hand-over period, connecting the new CSEM with the relevant contacts within the project.

Client testimonial

“Elevate Communication has exceeded our expectations with their communication and stakeholder engagement support. Throughout our engagement with Elevate, we were able to rely on one of their team members as a regular in-house support for all our communication and stakeholder engagement needs. They have been a highly reliable team to work with and have delivered excellent results for us with great efficiency. We are very pleased with their support and have enjoyed working closely with their positive, collaborative, and professional team members.“

– Ed Poley – ADCO Project Manager

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