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Foodbank is the largest hunger relief charity in Australia. It is the pantry to the charity sector, linking surplus food and groceries to organisations who distribute it to the people in need.

Foodbank Queensland sources millions of kilograms of food from farmers, manufacturers and retailers, and distributes this food to hundreds of Food Relief Charities and School Breakfast Programs state-wide from its warehouse in Brisbane.

Foodbank Queensland’s Community Impact includes:

• Feeding 150,000 Queenslanders in need, plus 28,000 school children per week

• Supporting more than 300 Food Relief Charities, and 300 School Breakfast Programs each year

• Sourcing 14 million kgs of food, distributed as 26 million meals equivalent each year

• Reducing landfill CO2-e emissions by 26 million kilograms each year

The brief

Elevate was initially approached by the team at Foodbank Queensland to assist them with team media training to coincide with the appointment of the charity’s new CEO in the first half of 2023.

Following this, Foodbank engaged Elevate’s services for a media campaign around its partnership with Alliance Airlines, the latter donating a food truck to the charity’s existing fleet.

The team developed the media materials, managed approvals, and supported media outreach.

Foodbank Queensland Truck with Food Donations

Our strategy

Elevate worked with the Foodbank Queensland marketing team to develop scenarios for the full-day media training it conducted with six staff in June 2023 providing practical tips to help them educate the community and potential partners to gain increased support.

The Alliance Airlines partnership was proof of those partnerships and Elevate helped promote the impact the extra truck would have including the extra farms that could accessed to collect food and the increase in state-wide deliveries.

The outcome

Foodbank Queensland is well equipped to share the news of its important work and encourage the ongoing support of its partner organisations.

Client testimonial

Elevate provided Foodbank Queensland with public relations support and staff media training in 2023. The team at Elevate understood our communication objectives and crafted a tailored strategy to achieve these.

The Elevate team were collaborative and highly reliable, delivering a service that met our communication needs, and their prompt responses and attention to detail were highly valued.

We are pleased with the support we received from Elevate and appreciate the team’s expertise and professionalism.

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