Builders Energiser Program

With the HomeBuilder Grant encouraging your customers to build new, will you stand out from the crowd to be their first option?

The massive government cash injection is set to drive demand for your services. But if you aren't in front of the right sets of eyes, you're bound to be missed. The home construction businesses that profit from this stimulus package will be those who have taken the effort to ensure their brand is the first one potential customers see when they're looking for a builder.

It's more important than ever to use cost effective, trackable marketing tactics that drive new leads for your business during this period.

Even if marketing isn't something you've used in the past, now's your chance to make a move.

Welcome to our package, especially tailored to you and your needs - The Builders Energiser Program.

The Energiser Program is priced at $5,950 + GST per month, with no lock-in contracts and includes:

  • A monthly Google AdWords campaign - this will form the meat of your monthly campaign driving high-value traffic to your tailored landing page where contact deals turn clicks into leads
  • Social media advertising - to capture your audience's eyes through strategically developed Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns
  • Organic social media - to boost your brand's identity and generate long-lead interest
  • Website landing page - to effectively capture your qualified leads through a tailored landing page. There's no use in hooking a fish if you can't reel it in.

If you're interested in the above package and would like to learn more about how Elevate can assist your business, please reach out to us via the form below: