Corporate Communication delivers strategic, acutely crafted messaging that ensures brands and businesses of all sizes and styles can effectively communicate with its stakeholders, from staff and volunteers to customers, suppliers, media and third parties.  

The ability to communicate a brand’s vision, purpose and offering is essential for every business type, whether you are in the B2B market such as wholesalers, consultants or manufacturers, or the B2C market dealing with customers, volunteers and communities.  

The first question most business leaders or managers ask in business is “how do we get more customers?” but this should come later. You need to make sure your customer is receiving all the right information when they do come to you, so there’s no point getting new customers if you have old prices and old key staff credentials on your website. The first question in business should really be “what do we want our customers to know, think and say about us?” 

Customers can come across your business through a whole range of corporate communication tactics including: 

  • Your website (home page, blog or landing page) 
  • Staff emails 
  • LinkedIn profiles 
  • Facebook Ads 
  • Videos 
  • Awards 
  • EDMs 
  • Flyers 
  • eBooks 
  • Blogs
  • Credentials or prospectus documents 
  • and more! 

Corporate communication is at the heart of every communication program, whether it’s led by traditional media or digital media, for end users or business clients or for external or internal audiences. Once this component is established, the rest of your marketing can fall into place.  



Elevate, the Public Relations Institute of Australia’s Small Agency of the year 2017 and 2018, is a full-service strategic communication and PR agency built on reputation and results.  

Elevate’s decade-long legacy is built on corporate communications and media relationsand it remains our strength and passion to this day.  

Whether you’re a start-up and need a full suite of material developed, or you’re an established business looking to update, overhaul or rebrand your marketing materials, we’ve helped businesses just like yours elevate their position in the market. ? 

We love to help Australian businesses elevate their position in the market through strong communications!

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