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The Eczema Association of Australasia Inc (EAA) and Eczema Association of New Zealand Inc (EANZ) are national non-profit charitable organisations dedicated to providing education, support and advocacy for people living with eczema as well as their families. They aim to raise awareness about eczema, promote research, and improve the quality of life for those affected.

Since 2017, Elevate has acted as the in-house corporate membership team for both EAA and EANZ. As a not-profit, the EAA relies heavily on corporate sponsorship for funds to support eczema sufferers. Elevate also proudly assists by facilitating national awareness campaigns for Eczema Awareness Day and conducts quarterly informational webinars with dermatologists, providing up-to-date information and research for people living with eczema.

The brief

The EAA and EANZ engaged Elevate in 2017 to enhance awareness of the organisations as prominent eczema support groups in the Southern Hemisphere through media and digital communication. Their goal was to attract corporate partners for funding purposes through a corporate membership program, ensuring the organisations could sustain their crucial role in providing essential assistance, support, and education to individuals living with eczema.

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Our strategy

Elevate’s strategic approach comprised of a sponsorship program to expand the corporate membership base and secure funding to support the advocacy efforts of the EAA and EANZ. Elevate enthusiastically took on the role of Corporate Membership Officers within the EAA and EANZ teams. Additionally, Elevate continues to manage new corporate member enquiries and ensures that current partners receive the benefits associated with their partnership with the associations.

Additionally, through a strong relationship with corporate partners, Elevate has led multiple successful awareness campaigns as 2021’s Eczema Awareness Campaign #morethanjustskin that aims to change the public perception of eczema and raise awareness of the mental health impacts of the condition.

As part of the campaign, Elevate organised an informative webinar and acted as the panel facilitator alongside a Dermatology Professor, Dermatologist and eczema sufferer. We also worked with an Instagram influencer and eczema sufferer to promote the campaign on social media and developed strong media relationships with health and lifestyle journalists. 

To assist with these efforts, Elevate provided a suite of services including:

PR and marketing campaigns

Developing PR and marketing campaigns.

Internal communication and client management

Consistent and effective internal communication and client management.

Developing prospectus and media kit

Developing and continuing the company’s sponsorship program including creating a prospectus and media kit.

Corporate partner-client relationships

Developing and fostering corporate partner-client relationships.

The outcome

In our partnership with EAA and EANZ, Elevate has not only increased corporate membership, but successfully facilitated numerous media campaigns and events for the organisations, raising their profile within the industry.

Since 2018, corporate membership has experienced a remarkable growth of 113%, increasing from $257,300 to over $550,000 in 2023. Elevate has also assisted in onboarding high-profile partners such as Pfizer, Sanofi, Johnson and Johnson Pacific, Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive and L’Oreal, establishing a long-term relationship between partners and the EAA and EANZ.

Our experienced brand communication team liaised with journalists and media publications to achieve 115 pieces of media coverage and a reach of more than 170 million, raising the organisation’s profiles among their target publics. Additionally, the eczema community became further engaged with 355 webinar registrations alone, proving our campaigns a success.

Our expertise in media relations and brand communication has allowed our relationship to flourish and continue these last 6 years. We are excited to continue working with the EAA and EANZ teams.

Client testimonial

If you are looking for a PR agency to increase your profile, work effectively with your sponsors and grow your brand, I would highly recommend Elevate.”

– Cheryl Talent – President of the Eczema Association of Australasia Inc

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