Reputation and Crisis Management

Do you know the difference between an issue and a crisis?

We understand that bad things happen to good companies and unfortunately, negative publicity can eliminate years of profiling and establishment of your brand. Being prepared for unforeseen issues can help to ensure they do not escalate into a crisis.

A crisis communication plan includes:

  • How to identify different crisis scenarios
  • How to develop a matrix of authorised personnel to manage business decisions in challenging situations
  • Provide a step by step guide to communicating internally
  • Outline key messaging for each possible scenario
  • How to appropriately address and regulate media coverage

At Elevate, we specialise in preparing comprehensive issues and crisis communication plans that provide your organisation with the tools to manage scenarios as they develop. Here are our top 10 pieces of collateral to mitigate a crisis. 

Get it right the first time with an experienced and award-winning communications team at Elevate.



  • Media management
  • Appointed company spokesperson (if required)
  • Draft and distribute media statements
  • Media training and support
  • Coordinate interviews, photo shoots or media conferences (if required)
  • Coverage monitoring and analysis

Equip your business with the necessary steps and processes to ensure that you don’t find yourself in a difficult position.


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