Media Training

In many ways, the media is the voice of the people

As a representative of a company, a spokesperson, an ambassador, or someone who has been asked to speak to the media, it’s your job to answer their questions in such a way that allows them to be that voice. 

If you appear on camera, have your photo taken, speak on radio, or are published in text, your name is forever linked to what you say.

If in a crisis situation in which brand reputation is critical, scenario-specific media training will ensure you are prepared and on message when thrown a curveball. 

Issues can occur at any time, especially during Christmas or peak holiday season, which can often cause unwanted pressure.

But there's no need to worry as Elevate are here to help. 

We offer special one-on-one, group, and touch-up media training. Having worked in the media for years, we have specialists on our team who can guide you through the processes of media interviews. From the simplest things, like what to wear and positioning of your hands and body, right through to the more complex issues of understanding how to tackle the curliest of questions.

At Elevate we offer media training 101 right through to masterclasses and strategic media response training.

If your company is calling out for someone to act as their media spokesperson, why not get in touch today and book in your half-day media training session, so you can answer the call.