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New Holland Agriculture is a global machinery manufacturer, known for its innovation and market-leading capabilities. A CNH Industrial brand, New Holland is recognisable across the world and is relied upon by agricultural industry for technology-led, dependable, and productive machinery ranges for a wide range of farming needs and applications.

With several key competitors in the Australian market striving for market share, New Holland recognised the importance of increasing its share of voice and recognition within the market.

The brief

Elevate was engaged to lift New Holland’s profile within the Australian market through a strategic and multi-channel communication approach.

The company was growing a wealth of good stories it wanted to share with its stakeholders with opportunity to channel these stories in both mainstream relevant business and rural/trade press, and was seeking to build consistency, frequency, and control over brand messaging in the market. To help solve this challenge, New Holland was looking to partner with an agency that would invest in deeply understanding the brand and community, for the long-term.

New Holland Tractors

Our strategy

Elevate developed a targeted 12-month media strategy to intensify media coverage and shift the dial on share of voice within the market. By focusing on frequent yet diverse media campaigns at both a local and national media scale, Elevate implemented an ‘always-on’ media approach that bolstered the brand’s reputation significantly.

3 key pillars

Part of the media strategy was to develop campaigns around three key pillars—dealerships, people, and products. This approach allowed us to continuously tell newsworthy stories that supported business key messages and priorities. By providing industry insights, quality media talent, and engaging newsworthy content, we were able to build relationships with media on behalf of New Holland that have continued to yield high-quality media coverage.

Milestones and seasonal trades

Another key part of this media strategy was leveraging milestones and seasonal trends—ensuring  our media plan targeted publications at the right time, for the right season.  Integral to this was dealership outreach—Elevate developed relationships with the dealership network to ensure we were  leveraging great stories at the heart of communities.

Social media marketing plan

Elevate identified an opportunity to improve New Holland’s existing active online community through a social media marketing plan which involved heightened engagement with customers through 2-way communication and encouragement of more user-generated content.

Strategic approach

Elevate’s strategic approach for New Holland comprised of:

• 12-month media relations plan

• Social media marketing strategy leveraging New Holland’s substantial media following and engaged market

• Ambassadors to complement PR and marketing activity

• Comprehensive issues management plan

The outcome

There has been a year-on-year increase in brand mentions for New Holland from 40 mentions in 2020, to 284 in 2021 (+610%) and 372 in 2022 (+30.9%). We also gained a year-on-year increase for the brand’s potential reach from 2.5 million impressions in 2021 to 23.194 million in 2021 (+827%) and 80.9 million in 2022 (+249%).

New Holland now rivals its top competitor for media coverage, holding 30% share-of-voice and a total of 80.9 million total impressions across online, print and broadcast media.

Through our social media marketing efforts, we’ve been able to increase the brand’s community engagement and following. Additionally, all social channels increased in both following (+670 and +1017 on Facebook and Instagram respectively) and reach (1,500,000+​ and 206,000+​ on Facebook and Instagram respectively). Most importantly, Elevate’s community engagement efforts substantially increased New Holland’s social media engagement across all channels by the end of 2022. Ultimately, Elevate fostered a healthy and positive relationship between New Holland and their digital community in which members were  more engaged, positive and active.

Client testimonial

“Since New Holland Agriculture partnered with Elevate in 2021, we have seen significant success in our communication and marketing activity.  

Not only do we have consistent and controlled messaging for our brand in the media, but also have seen an increase in collaboration with our people.  

Through our partnership with Elevate, we are building a stronger voice for our dealership network and customers, and helping them tell their stories.   

On top of the great results achieved, the Elevate team is a delight to work with—we appreciate their proactiveness and expertise when it comes to all things communication.  

To the Elevate team: thank you for being our trusted marketing communication partner and please keep doing what you are doing!” 

Bruce Healy – General Manager New Holland Agriculture and New Holland Construction at CNH Industrial ANZ

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