Social Media Monitoring and Listening

Social media presents numerous channels for your brand to be mentioned by thousands of customers, clients, news outlets, stakeholders and potential customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

If you’re not across the monitoring and listening of your brand, industry and general sentiment on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, your general PR and media relations program could quickly escalate to a need for issues or crisis management.

With more than 15 million active Facebook users and YouTube visitors, 9 million Instagram users and 4.5 million LinkedIn users every month, there’s a good chance someone is talking about their experience with your brand. Knowledge is power, so whether it’s positive or negative, knowing is the first step and actioning is the next.



Social media monitoring and listening are two very different functions in digital marketing, and Elevate’s digital team can help direct you to what’s best in your business with the resources you already have. With real-time monitoring and listening, you can make swift, informed business decisions to maintain or enhance your reputation in the public sphere.

Our ability to track, identify and respond to community comments and enquiries ensures a personable approach to interacting and engaging with your fans, while mitigating negative sentiment through appropriate actions. Our industry-leading monitoring and listening tools ensures we can capture a holistic understanding of the keywords, tone, sentiment and reach of social conversation surrounding your brand and competitors so your future content, campaigns and promotions are maximised.

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