Why building your personal brand on LinkedIn is a win-win?

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We live in an age where professional networking transcends geographical boundaries. Personal branding has evolved, and is conducted online more than in person and remains a cornerstone of career development and professional growth.

Digital marketing live Q&A summary

The digital marketing team at Elevate Communication - Shannan Peters, Gareth Duddington, and Jessica Quinn.

Elevate’s Digital Marketing team came together in full force for a live Q&A webinar recently. Taking the stand was Shannan Peters, Gareth Duddington, and Jess Quinn.

The importance of SEO

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Content and keywords are often touted as being the most important aspects of SEO. Instead of just focusing on keywords it’s more important to create content with your target audience in mind.

Writing for robots

Keywords are a critical part of any written marketing, including media releases. They help with search engine optimisation (SEO) enabling people find your content.