10 blogging tips for success

10 blogging tips for success

Is blogging a part of your marketing strategy?

Business marketing plans often include media buying, giveaways, activations and sampling as various tactics to raise brand awareness, but sometimes the best marketing channels are owned by the company itself.

Blogging is easy, authentic, content rich and boosts SEO. Through social media links, blogs also attract more traffic to your website, where you can sell them on your services or products. So if you’re not doing it yet, or you’ve let your page lapse, now is the time to get behind the keyboard and speak to your customers. To get you started, we’ve listed ten topic ideas that companies of any size can start to blog about.

  1. Guest post from the CEO or MD – a guest post from the top of the company, says ‘premium’, ‘insightful’ and ‘unique’. The topic could be about the future direction of the company, or the success over the past year, and thanking customers for their support.
  2. New product / service launch: You don’t have to wait for the big launch day to start talking about a new product or service coming to your brand. In fact, NOT saying the product can create intrigue and excitement. Your blog post can talk about meeting with manufacturers, choosing labels or designs, how the new product will complement the range and give more options to customers…. keep the mystery alive! Of course, when it launches you can write more blogs about the features and benefits.
  3. How to guides – Whether it’s how to apply your cosmetic or skincare products, or tips on how to find the best accountant, you can act as an authority in your industry and give customers the best advice and instructions on how to use your products or services.
  4. Report on the news – If news is breaking that concerns your industry, speak up! Whether you are in support of the news or against it, share your thoughts from someone that knows what it’s like ‘behind the scenes’.
  5. Share case studies – People love to know the truth behind the ‘marketing gloss’ they’re so used to seeing in the media. Sharing stories of real people achieving real outcomes thanks to your service or product shows transparency and helps lift the credibility of your brand.
  6. Digitalise your brochure – Your company brochure is packed with information, but your customers at home can’t see it! Rework sections of your brochure into a blog post which highlights the benefits of your products or services and how it answers your readers’ pain points.
  7. Debunking the myths – By addressing some of the fears and myths associated with your industry, and showcasing your brand’s truth, you can help provide transparency and build trust with your readers. It might result in a sale or booking!
  8. Corporate social responsibility – whether it’s choosing animal friendly ingredients for your products or committing to a charity every year, sharing your good deeds with readers shows you care above and beyond your commercial venture. Let your customers know why you chose the cause and how their support can help you keep up the contributions.
  9. Corporate values – Most companies have a vision or corporate values they run their business by. While generally these are for internal staff knowledge, sharing with your customers what makes your organisation tick helps to humanise an otherwise corporate brand. It can also help to introduce your brand to potential new staff members!
  10. Share the history – Another way to humanise a brand is to share history of how and why the business started. A timeline of its inception to current days with information on mergers and acquisitions, venue moves, staffing numbers, key personnel and so much more can help readers understand and appreciated the brand so much more.

 If writing isn’t your strong point, don’t let this compromise your business’ success. The experienced team at Elevate Communication can craft messages for all industries, and help you retain a competitive edge. Blogs help to convert passing audiences into readers, and readers into customers! Speak to the Elevate team today for direction and support on your content writing.

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