Considering going digital? Why it’s a no brainer to get on social media

Considering going digital? Why it’s a no brainer to get on social media

It’s difficult to think back to the early days of the Internet, before it became normal to converse with loved ones via pop culture memes and MySpace’s top eight tore apart friendships. The world has rapidly transformed from a simpler communication structure when being top of mind with your target audience meant placing a listing in the yellow pages or dropping off letterbox flyers.

Technology has completely altered the way we communicate with one another. With over three billion Internet users and more than two billion with active social media accounts, it has never been easier for businesses to communicate and engage with their target audiences. If you’re tossing up whether social media is worthwhile for your business, here’s three reasons why it’s a no brainer to be active on social media:

1.     Direct access to target market

Social media, at its core, is just another channel for businesses to communicate with customers. The difference with social media is brands can now access the personal life of their customers, which was not previously available. Nowhere else can you directly find out what your customers are doing on the weekend, what they like and what they don’t like. Social media is a valuable research tool businesses can use to delve into consumer habits to better understand their target market.

2.      Increase brand awareness and loyalty

Everybody wants to feel the love from brands they adore. By meaningfully connecting and interacting with customers via company social media channels, brands can bond with their audience to foster customer retention and loyalty. The best part about communicating on social media is the business can have a personality and have some fun by bending the corporate rules to create quality engaging content.

3.     It’s actually harmful to your reputation to not be on social media

The only thing worse than a weak social media profile, is no social media profile at all. According to Adweek, 81 per cent of customers conduct online research before buying. This means alarm bells may start ringing if customers can’t find a company online they’re looking to invest time and money in. They will start asking questions like can I trust this company? Is this company legit? Do your business a favour and put your best foot forward by making sure that you’re communicating with your customers on their favourite platforms. Because if you’re not, I can guarantee your competitors will be! 

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