Giving back to the community is becoming more and more the norm in business practice. In fact, many businesses have changed the way they think about their CSR activities and are renaming their charitable or for-good actions as “business responsibilities” rather than “corporate social responsibility”.

But with so many worthwhile causes to choose from, how do you know what is the right charitable partnership for your brand? Here’s three things to consider when considering your next charitable partnership:

  1. Do your business values align?
    Find an organisation that aligns with your company’s brand values and is relevant to your line of work. If you’re in the food industry, it might make sense to partner with an organisation that rallies to combat hunger or maybe if you’re a telecommunications company with a focus in rural Australia you could support a charitable organisation like LifeFlight who operate in remote locations. You may also want to consider choosing a partner that makes a direct impact for the communities and neighbourhoods associated with you. 
  1. Will your employees support the cause?
    People are at the heart of every business, so make sure that any cause your business decides to support is one that your employees can jump on board with. Remember your employees will be the greatest ambassadors for your organisation, so you might want to consider how the partnership could offer opportunities for your employees to volunteer or get a hands-on feel for the value of the partnership. Ensure your employees are engaged with the project from the get-go and that they
  1. What is the positive impact of the project?
    Your charitability doesn’t have to be purely selfless – it’s no secret that not only are charitable partnerships good for the community, but they’re also good for business. Speak with your potential partner about opportunities to increase brand awareness with your target market through joint PR and marketing opportunities. And don’t stop the conversation there, explore opportunities for your business to increase staff engagement, create stronger relationships with your stakeholders, encourage customer loyalty and even generate a rise in profits.

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