Is content marketing actually a waste of your resources?

Is content marketing actually a waste of your resources?

Things are about to get meta

There’s a gold rush happening all around us to create content, sometimes just for the sake of it.

It’s not often that content is seen as a qualifier; a filter; a mechanism that does the legwork of segmenting an audience into those who are our potential customers, and those who aren’t worth pursuing.

To achieve this, you need to pour your brand (and thus a little bit of yourself) into every piece of content that you produce. You know you have a product worth using, and you know you have a brand worth buying. The content you create needs to sell this to your customer, and to do this you’ll need to wear your brand and product on your sleeve in its most honest form.

In an ideal world, your content will be an honest reflection of who you are and what your brand believes in. It’s important to remember that at the end of the day 100% market share is impossible, so there’s always going to be a portion of the market that simply won’t do business with you. Your goal is to capture the attention of the market share that will by creating effective and creative content.

Honesty is still a virtue

Effective content can help to easily sieve out this segment before you spend wasted dollars trying to win a battle that’s already lost. If you create a video that is inherently you or post a blog that shouts with your brand voice, that content is going to automatically attract a likeminded audience; an audience that is already primed to listen to your call to action in future content. Similarly, there’s no more effective method to whittle out the uninterested than for you to lay bare on the table what it is you do (your owned and earned channels are the table in this case) and let them immediately make a decision on your brand.

Data is your friend

With today’s retargeting tools, the importance of content marketing is greater than ever. An example of this is publishing a piece of content on Facebook that captures the essence of your brand, and then retargeting the audience that took the time to consume that piece of content using retargeting ads. You now have yourself the bread and butter of an effective digital ad campaign. Why waste precious dollars on trying to get people to convert when they haven’t shown any interest in your brand? 

It makes sense to retarget those who spent 15 seconds (a lifetime in the digital world) watching your video or reading your blog as they’ve shown their interest in what it is you do. You can see the importance of knowing how to use retargeting ads. It’s simply smarter.

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