The dangers of getting left behind in the social media age

The dangers of getting left behind in the social media age

As social media continues to rise in popularity, it’s important to evolve with the changes and use each platform to its fullest potential. While most companies have been on the social media bandwagon for several years, the question remains: what is next for social media and what does this spell for PR and marketing practitioners? Because if you’re relying on reusing the same social media strategy, you’re already behind.

Often communication specialists are wrapped up in the idea of making social media their number one priority, forgetting these platforms have been used for the past 10 years. People are getting tired of the same old content, and constantly expect fresh and new ideas. Over the years, I have worked in the world of social media and have seen countless people left behind as they failed to change their approach.

The next step in the social media evolution chain is on our doorstep: the journey it can give you. This shift in digital disruption reflects the changes in consumer needs. People want an elevated experience or to feel some kind of connection with your company, so how do you stand out? 

It’s important to first ask yourself the following questions:

  • What does your social media strategy look like and how does this fit in with the overarching company and its goals?
  • What is your company’s “story” and how do you want to communicate it?
  • What are the right platforms for your audience?

Answering these questions will give you a better idea of your goals and objectives. Next, it’s time to look at how you will communicate key messages effectively:

1. Show, don’t tell

Like any good storyteller, an effective user of social media will see the importance of visual elements to tell a story. Don’t be afraid to use Facebook Live or Snapchat Live to communicate with your audience. Nearly every smart phone has a camera attached so there’s no excuse not to. Video can quickly and effectively tell a story about the company and the people behind it. This is about the experience social media can give you rather than blasting out information.

2. Keep it simple

You have a very short amount of time before people will switch off, so make your post count. Succinct and clear messages work. Visuals work even better.

3. Tell a story

Rather than sell a product, sell the dream. By employing visual elements with the right key messages, you can create powerful posts that engage the audience. Use emotion and experiences to take your audience on a journey.

These are only a small fraction of the endless possibilities available to you. Try experimenting with social media rather than fitting the mould and find what works best for both you and your audience. 

If you want to take your key stakeholders on a journey and reinvigorate your brand’s social media, get in touch with Elevate today. 

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