The power of word of mouth

The power of word of mouth

A picture is worth a thousand words but a single word can kill a brand.

In a marketplace that is flooded with endless advertising techniques and approaches, there is one method that has truly stood the test of time: word of mouth. It’s a communication style that has evolved throughout the years yet is hardly a new concept. People love to talk and it’s been the primary source of information sharing for centuries. Starting off as a way to warn of danger, it’s evolved over the years into verbal and written forms, which has been delivered through multiple platforms from post to landlines to mobiles to Skype. Despite the changes in delivery methods, it has remained a constant and is the most cost effective form of brand promotion.

Word of mouth works so well because it comes from a reliable source. It provides trust. You are more likely to believe a recommendation from someone you know over a company advertisement. On top of this, word of mouth targets the right people. Those recommending a particular product or service will tell individuals that are already making enquiries about similar products and services.

Here are three ways in which using the power of word of mouth can help enhance your business and maximise exposure to this new, targeted audience.


Customers and clients that feel strongly about what you have to say or sell, will recommend you to others. Consumers vote with their feet and their mouth. Happy customers are a huge asset to a business. Loyalty reward and referral schemes can be a great way to incentivise these customers to promote your business.


While not a recommendation from a friend or someone they directly know, being transparent with your reviews can show potential customers what others think of your brand. With a public persona, people will talk about your brand more positively and want to engage with you. Reviews also provide a powerful communication platform to talk to existing customers, mitigate any potential PR disasters and turn an unhappy customer into a happy one.

Social Media

Last and by no means least, social media has revolutionised the way communication is delivered both on a personal and professional level.

By creating an engaging social media platform that people are genuinely passionate about, people will talk about your business and in turn share your posts with their friends. This is a cost-effective and powerful way to promote your brand in a way that’s organic and trustworthy, (which can be far more effective than straight advertising). Engagement does even more to help word of mouth. This gives the brand the perfect place to reach thousands of potential customers without being restricted by location. Finally, it allows you to control the messaging of your brand so you can tell the audience what your company is truly all about and not solely relying on others to tell it for you.

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