Social media as a marketing platform has become as important to invest in as a brand’s logo or its staff members. But while social media marketing investment deserves a place on the P&L ledger, marketing on Facebook and Instagram is very different to traditional marketing efforts.

Managing the social media accounts for a number of large FMCG, not for profit and professional services clients, we see the struggle every day from CEOs, Managing Directors and Marketing Mangers in understanding the strategy behind social media marketing.

Marketing on social media channels requires more of an interaction than a one way sales pitch, so here’s a few key considerations to keep in mind when preparing your business’ social media marketing content. 

  1. Social media is social
    It’s important to remember why your audience is on social media. They want to connect, relax, learn and laugh. They want entertainment and value and the last thing they want is to be sold to. To be a great social media marketer is to understand how to balance social content with sales messages. Valuable content through tips, videos, did you knows and other helpful, non-salesy messages builds trust, and trust makes it easier to sell or promote when you do publish these content pieces. 

  2. Social Media engagement is your most important metric
    While billboards and newspapers will promote reach figures, this metric isn’t as important for social channels. For Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram in particular, the algorithms place greatest importance on engaging content. Posts that attract likes, comments, shares, reactions and link clicks tell the platform that people are loving the content and its reach organically increases into new feeds, creating a domino effect. This increased exposure naturally increases exposure of your brand, and provides the opportunity to invite new people to like your page. It’s critical then to consider, embrace and leverage your content that performs well with engagement. 

  3. Balance your promotional posts with social posts.
    Unlike other marketing channels like newspaper ads or direct mail where your advertisements are a complete entity on its own, managing your own social media accounts require a mix of owned, curated and promotional content for it to be successful in connecting with audiences. It’s worth considering your social media channels as online magazines. You wouldn’t create a magazine full of ads for your audience, would you? For every five posts, we recommend one promotional post, three original valuable content pieces and one curated or shared post to ensure the page remains balanced and social.

If you need help navigating the world of social media for your business, contact the Elevate team who can design a social media strategy and policy for your business, or execute the digital marketing component for you while you concentrate on other areas of the business.

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