Where to find killer content in just 10 minutes

Where to find killer content in just 10 minutes

Stuck for what to say to your audience? Here’s where the pros go!

If you’ve heard of Gary Vee, then you know content is everything. “More, more, more!” he preaches on his podcast, YouTube and social media channels. But creating and curating content doesn’t just happen – you have to plan it, find or create it and repurpose it to have real impact.  

Don’t get trapped thinking content is just about who you are and what you sell. Great content engages the audience and helps influence behaviour, whether its with a direct call to action or more subtle key message. 

As content creators for media, social media, newsletters and more, it’s our job as PR professionals to know what will engage audiences. As a result, we’ve developed some sure-fire ways to keep our content fresh and relevant, even if the creativity is wavering a little! Here’s a sneak peak into how the Elevate team generates content for our clients, and how you can too in just a few minutes…  

Forums (5 minutes) 

Almost every industry will be able to find an online forum filled with look-alike audiences with sound-alike questions. This is a form of user-generated content, where you can peak into the lives of people that your business targets or works with, and hear straight from them what matters most. If there’s no industry specific forums suitable for you, you can head to Product Review, Canstar, Reddit Australia or Whirlpool to get generalised content leads. Type in a keyword and scroll through to see what people are asking, their complaints and people’s responses.   

Your website (3 minutes) 

When’s the last time you audited your own website? FAQs, product descriptions, the About page and case studies or testimonials can all provide fantastic content that adds value to the reader.  

News (minutes) 

Current news about your industry or a related topic can help add timely and trending content to inform and enlighten your audience. Type your industry, a competitor or a generalised topic in Google and hit the ‘News’ tab to search. You can find plenty to share directly, or it can inspire a quick post or comprehensive blog.   

You don’t need to write War and Peace when it comes to creating content. The recipe for success comes down to a great topic, combined with expertly crafted words and eye-catching imagery to engage and influence your audience. Sometimes all you need is an idea; and this list helps spark those ideas in a matter of minutes. If your resources are slim and need to be redirected elsewhere, then outsourcing this to a PR agency like Elevate can not only give you back your time, but it can positively influence other areas of the business as well, by streamlining communications and applying a more strategic and consistent program around messaging.  

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