Client References - VIQ Solutions

Mark Henderson 

Mark Henderson is a highly professional, dynamic and personable communicator, with extensive contacts and an approach to PR that goes above and beyond in delivering results. In his first month as our account manager, he took our media reach from a previous high of 1.8 million to 13 million, giving us access to audiences through a campaign that was both targeted and integrated, incorporating media relations, Government Relations and strategic messaging.

I have found Mark to be both responsive to feedback and reliable: he delivers what he promises. I highly recommend him and his colleagues at Elevate PR to you.

Sharon Mascall-Dare | Head of Marketing & Communications Australasia, Babcock International Group 

Bosco Anthony

I worked with Bosco where we designed and executed a special campaign for our hospitality group client in the Winter Ski Operations sector in North America. Our pilot project delivered revenue results, which resulted in the brand offering new ski destinations to their clientele. His skills are second to none and his approach and methodical execution on digital strategy, internet marketing, affiliate marketing and business development growth strategies have helped so many brands tell their story in such an effective way. Rarely do you find a person that is driven and stays true to their purpose and core values in life. During these current times of uncertainty and change, I take comfort in knowing I have Bosco in my tribe as a thought leader, advisor, and trusted friend. Bosco is a person that shows up in the times that an organization needs him the most.

David Reeve |Founder Unleash Culture

I hired Bosco to work with my agency and team at Main Street Communications Ltd. We were struggling to identify new corporate directions and adapting to the application of emerging digital tools to our practice. Bosco and his associates worked with us to devise a meaningful forward-looking strategic plan and quickly identified gaps in staffing, systems, and skills. He provided us not only with the clarity and tools to identify our vision but was also able to provide the training and ongoing expertise and support to execute our plan. Bosco was able to deliver a customized training platform for the team to immerse themselves and familiarize themselves with the critical elements to paid media as well as some of the emerging trends. As a result of our experience working with Bosco and his associates in our company, we collaborated with him on a contract for a large skilled trades training organization, a major client of ours. What impressed us most was his ability to meet the client where they were, accurately analyzing both their business and digital marketing needs and their readiness to scale and adapt. He was able to deftly guide the client into understanding what was to them a completely new world of opportunity with significant potential. As a result, the client was able to design, develop, and execute a comprehensive strategically focused plan that met their goals and aligned with their corporate values. Bosco is a global digital expert and thought leader in his field, who operates with integrity, passion, and rigorous honesty. I am also very proud to have him in my tribe as a digital authority and trusted counsel.

Vicki Mcleod |Principle Owner, Main Street Communications

Joshua Stengert

I wanted to reiterate how fantastic we think Josh is, his support to my team is nothing but brilliant and we very much see him as part of our team. He understands the business, even though our organisation isn’t easy to wrap one’s head around. He manages the PR communications work very well, keeping us informed of where we are at all times. We’ve also received some great feedback from different business leaders on the recent work he’s supported.

Tammie Evans |Brand & Communications Director, Sodexo

Chloe Fitgerald 

Just a special call out – I wanted to share that we are so very happy with the level of service, attention and professional care that you provide to not only us at QSuper, but all our shared sponsorship stakeholders. Your attention to detail, promptness in actions and responses, professionalism in how you communicate and address (sometimes challenging) issues, and willingness to go the extra mile….. it really is impressive and in many cases exceeds our expectations. We really do feel like you’re not just an extension of our business, but part of our business. We of course recognise that it’s a total team effort, and the work that the entire team from Elevate do should also be commended….. but from time to time you just have to stop, pause and acknowledge great work and performance when it happens (or in this case, been happening consistently for some time). Your contribution certainly does not go unnoticed by our team, nor is it not very much appreciated. From all of us, well done Chloe – we feel lucky to have you as part of our QSuper team. Please do keep up the great work.

Bill Brassington | Brand Partnership and Sponsorship Manager, QSuper