Overview & Key Outcomes

Queensland Mining and Engineering Exhibition 2018 was a priority activity for the Chilean METS sector in Australia, as part of ProChile’s Program of International Promotion of Mining Suppliers. This program aims to position Chile as a supplier of goods and services in four strategic mining markets: Australia, Canada, Mexico, and Peru. Elevate devised a comprehensive communication campaign to position Chile as a reliable provider of innovative services, assets and solutions for the Australian mining sector. 

The ProChile communications campaign included: 

• Developing a Media Strategy in line with ProChile’s objectives to maximise coverage across Mackay local media and national mining trade press

• Drafted the media release surrounding ProChile’s attendance at QME

• Developed ProChile media backgrounder and biography of ProChile spokesperson Giancarlo Tosti-Croce to be distributed to media

• Developed a comprehensive media brief for Giancarlo Tosti-Croce in preparation for interviews with media during QME

• Created and maintained media lists of key journalists and publications across print, online, TV and radio programs from both local and national industry media outlets

• Finalised and distributed the media release to targeted media

• Invited media and journalists to the inauguration of Chile Pavilion at the QME and to the activities planned for the rest of the exhibition

• Attended the ProChile stand at the QME from Tuesday, 23 July – Thursday 25 July

• Manage media interviews including briefings and the preparation of agendas of one-on-one interviews for Chilean authorities with targeted local and national media contacts

• Conducted media outreach and follow-up post QME 2018 to secure additional coverage and interviews

• Compiled final report

Achievements July 2018: 

• Total audience reached – 830,000 people

• Total estimated advertising value - $9,467.94

• Coverage: The Daily Mercury, 4MK Mackay, Channel 7 Mackay, Channel 9 Mackay, ABC Tropical North, Australia’s Paydirt Magazine,  Industry Queensland, Mining Weekly, National Mining Chronicle, and The Australian Mining Review.

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