Aussies transformed, losing over 100kg with eight weeks of ZEN

Aussies transformed, losing over 100kg with eight weeks of ZEN

Australia’s newest weight management program is kicking calorie counting to the curb, with the first Aussies to pilot the program shedding 108 kilograms in eight weeks, by stabilizing blood sugar levels and balancing hormones.

The ten pilot participants transformed their bodies with ZEN Project 8 by Jeunesse, which simplifies weight management and teaches habits for leading a healthy lifestyle by promoting its PFC Every 3 philosophy. By eating every three hours with the right balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, Australians can revert their bodies back to basic physiological functioning.

Formulated by renowned nutritionist, fitness expert and author Mark Macdonald in partnership with leading wellness brand Jeunesse, ZEN Project 8 is a game changer designed to transform bodies and lives.

Developer Mark Macdonald said the importance of education when it comes to general health and weight management is lacking in the industry, and desperation is drawing people to quick fixes instead of sustainable healthy habits.

“63 per cent of Aussies were classified as obese or overweight in 2014-2015, proving programs like ZEN Project 8 are crucial in educating Australians about healthy lifestyle choices. It’s sad an entire industry has failed to educate society about the importance of a balanced lifestyle,” said Mr Macdonald.

“By restoring hormonal balance, we take our bodies back to basics; back to functioning as they were designed to, which boosts energy and aids in weight loss and muscle growth. 

The program also supports people through healthy recipes, nutritional supplements, workout plans, support networks, and additional weight management materials.

For those times when people are on the go, the program incorporates high protein shakes as a snack option with a premium blend of micellar casein and TruCELLE, rather than being produced with cheaper soy proteins that digest quickly and leave people to feel hungry quicker. Blended with whey protein which refuels muscles, and developed with lower sugar content than many products on the market, ZEN Project 8 is revolutionising healthy, convenient weight management in Australasia.

Amy Cochrane, a mum of four from Victoria, who began the program eight weeks ago, has lost a total of 15.3kg and 63cm from her arms, legs, chest and waist.

“For 20 years, I’ve struggled with my weight. I have been as low as 49 kilograms, and weighed in at 120 kilograms at my heaviest,” she said.

“I’ve never had a healthy relationship with food and always hid my body away. I used to shower in the dark because I couldn’t face what I saw.

“Now, I have energy and have genuinely never felt so alive. I love that I can enjoy pancakes with banana and cinnamon on a lazy Sunday morning and not feel like I’m missing out on anything. You don’t have to be a whiz in the kitchen for ZEN Project 8 to work,” said Mrs Cochrane.

Mother of two, Amber Lee from South Australia, says the program has improved not only her life but also her whole family’s life by losing 16.5kg during the program.

“After years of excess weight creeping on, I was finished with trying to find excuses for an unhealthy lifestyle that I had just grown accustomed to. It led me to be unhappy with my weight and my health was deteriorating. ZEN Project 8 was different from other programs I had seen,” said Mrs Lee.

“Now I am feeling more energetic, positive and motivated than I have in years. I don’t have reflux anymore and I’m starting to like my reflection a little more each day.”

ZEN Project 8 comprises protein powders to help build muscle, amino acids to assist with muscle recovery and composition, a cleansing supplement, a metabolic booster, protein shakers, tablet boxes, measuring tapes and phase guides 

It is available online at or through one of the company’s 46,000 distributors.

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