MooGoo calls bull on skincare and healthcare product transparency

MooGoo calls bull on skincare and healthcare product transparency

The global skincare market is set to grow by 34 per cent to $196.67 billion (USD) by 2024*, and leading Australian skincare provider, MooGoo, is calling for Australians to be aware of what they are putting on their skin and urging for increased transparency in the industry.

MooGoo Founder and Managing Director, Craig Jones, wants consumers to start taking a closer look at the ingredients in the products they use and find out more about the benefits they claim to provide.

“Australians are far too trusting of what is said on the packaging and in the advertising of the products they use, but many contain ingredients most people would avoid if they had time to do a bit of research,” Mr Jones said.

“Consumers should be more curious about what they are purchasing, especially anything being directly applied to the skin or ingested, and have a better understanding of the properties and perceived benefits.

“We’re one of the few skincare companies who share all the ingredients we use in our products; transparency is important to us and we are proud to share this information with our customers.”

Whilst there have been great advances in the development of skincare and healthcare products, many still use ingredients originally invented in the 1950’s and 60’s which have not changed in half a century.

Ingredients like Methylisothiazolinone and Triclosan, which has recently been banned in the US, are still used in Australia but most consumers would not be aware of these chemicals and why they are used.

Consumers have their choice of hundreds of brands offering a variety of products with claims their formulas and ingredients work, but the reality is every product does not go through the same type of testing.

Mr Jones says the market is continually bombarded with a lot of impressive salesmanship and puffery, but does not address two key questions – does the product work and is it safe?

“From the outset, we’ve been strong advocates for producing effective and sophisticated products made from natural ingredients,” he said.

“We are encouraging all Australians to find out what exact ingredients they are putting on their skin, and to find out if there is any potential adverse effect they are being exposed to.”

“As an industry, I believe it is the responsibility of every manufacturer and governing body to encourage transparency and disclose what ingredients are being used – we need to build the trust of consumers. 

Established in 2005, MooGoo was created by Craig when he re-formulated a product designed to treat the cracked udders of dairy cows and used it for his mother who was suffering from Psoriasis.

Since the first version of the formula, MooGoo has expanded its range and now offers more than 40 skincare, deodorant, sunscreen, makeup, pet care, insect repellent and dental products, which are stocked by more than 2,000 retailers worldwide.

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